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Master Tech Automotive
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by John Geiger on Master Tech Automotive

Always treated fair and fixed the first time. They are not just a place that changes parts till they get the right one. They will tell you the problem and the cost up front and stand behind their work.

by Amanda on Master Tech Automotive

I enjoy going to this place because I feel that they genuinely want to help and serve their customers. I have never had a bad experience here, and I trust these gentleman with my car.

by Tim L on Master Tech Automotive

I took my wife's BMW to Duke after she took it a so-called BMW-certified repair shop because it was not starting intermittently. That shop gave my wife a $3500 estimate to replace 7 components that their diagnostic readout indicated were failing. I explained the symptoms to Duke, who then performed some good, old fashioned troubleshooting. There was a short at the battery and, instead of replacing 7 components, Duke fixed the short and charged me $90. This wasn't the first time Duke saved my bacon, which is why would never go anywhere else!

by Stasia on Master Tech Automotive

As a female often we find ourselves hating to speak with car technicians because of the way we are spoken to and treated, even in 2017. I did not feel this way with Master Tech Automotive. Their representatives were polite, non-demeaning, informative and honest. When I took my car to the dealership they found all sort of things "wrong" with my vehicle. When looking for a second opinion, Master Tech Automotive diagnosed my car and found some of the same issues as the dealer, but not all of them same issues.

I feel that honesty and respect is a huge part of why I will choose to work with a company and Master Tech Automotive upheld those ideals for me. I would recommend this company if you are looking for technicians who actually care about their clients.

by MasterGuns on Master Tech Automotive

First thing that got my attention was the all services (Military) Flags, besides the outstanding reviews. When I ask what service the owner serve, he said Marine Corps. Being in the Marine Corps myself for 30 years, you tend to look at situations, how your treated, how the staff behaves around each other and their customers. I saw a no nonsense, professionalism, customer care and outstanding service work, all around. My vehicle had an Oil, Filter, Tire Rotation, Alignment change.

by Sarah W on Master Tech Automotive

Always respectful, always honest, always do a fantastic job! These fellas answer my questions, regardless of how silly they may be, and provide excellent customer service.

by Stephanie Campbell on Master Tech Automotive

If I could rate Master Tech higher than five stars, I would!! I cannot thank Duke and his crew enough for helping me with my recent car problems. Long story short, Master Tech got my car back up and running despite two weeks of back-and-forth with the dealer-only part that was needed to fix my car. The dealer ended up sending several defective replacement parts and refused to take any blame for the parts not working. Master Tech made the process easier for me by helping me out with a rental car, and answering all my questions and nagging phone calls with patience and professionalism. Thanks for hanging in there for me, Master Tech! I will be a loyal customer as long as I live in Central Texas!

by Shelly santos on Master Tech Automotive

I cannot say enough how appreciative i am for the work they did on my 1990 lexus, Matt kept in touch with me & let me know on a daily basis what was going on with my vehicle. My vehicle is old & they weren't able to find a certain part for it, but that didn't stop them from finding a way around it & installing a switch. I have found a new mechanic for me & my family for life. These people are honest, reliable & reasonable. They won't overcharge you for anything unnecessary. Again I want to thank matt & I believe Joe was the mechanic that worked on my car, you've made me a customer for life!

by Shelly santos on Master Tech Automotive

Ladies don't be afraid to take your cars to these people, they are honest,reliable & economical & won't take advantage of you just because your a female. I took in a 26 yr old car & they were able to fix the problem & matt stayed in touch with me on a daily basis.

by Allie Holsen on Master Tech Automotive

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Duke and his team at Master Tech. They are very honest and reliable. I used to bring my car in when there was something wrong; now, I bring my car in for routine oil changes because they take the time to inspect the car with each oil change. As a result, I am able to continue extending the life of my vehicle(s). - Google Reviewer

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